Concrete Contractor Services

Concrete service provided by Fenton Poured Walls

We are a concrete contractor specializing in the construction of foundations for residential and commercial buildings. We offer the following services;

Spread Footings

Footing Types

You can view our project photo gallery to see a wide selection of some of our work at Fenton Poured Walls.

Trench Footings

Formed Poured Walls

Our poured walls range from standard wall heights of 4′, 8′ and 9′ high. The form can be configured for any height up to 20′ with many different configurations and layouts.

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Aluminum Forming System

Fenton Poured Walls uses a high quality aluminum forming system to vertically form your poured walls. We offer both smooth and brickfaced textured form surfaces. Click on picture below for enlarged view.

Bricked Face Aluminum Poured Wall Forming

Flat Face Aluminum Poured Wall Forming

Waterproofing options

We offer the application of waterproofing.

Waterproofing: There are a number of waterproofing options we can offer you on your project; Tremco Watchdog, Rub-R-Wall of Michigan, Inc. and we can arrange for the application of  R-5 or R-10 insulation on the exterior surfaces.

Concrete Pumping

Fenton Concrete Pumping is a subsidiary of Fenton Poured Walls and offers the professional placement of concrete with our Schwing concrete pump truck. This a 32 meter truck that can reach – 106′ Vertical – 87′ horizontal from the front bumper. The advantages of pumping concrete are:


Drawing Review & Geodimeter Robotic Layout

Once you have decided to work with us. We can redraw the foundation plan for your review. We can also use our robotic layout device to pin your project (contact us for more information and details).