Our Process

We are a concrete contractor specializing in the construction of basement foundations for residential and commercial buildings.

What is our process?
If you have made the decision to work with us, be prepared to provide us with the lot number, parcel, address, city/county, associated building department, and permit number [if available]. Reminder: on new construction projects, it is helpful to have directions to your job site and multiple contact phone numbers.

Foundation CAD Rendering "Pre Production 1
  • After your print is reviewed, we will schedule a time to rail and pour footings. At this point we will need the building permit number to call for an inspection prior to pouring the footings. It is helpful to have the excavating contractors number for reference. Note: adequate site access is required to get our equipment as close as possible to the project work area.
  • Once the footings have been poured and are substantially cured, the footing form rails will be removed. Then we will schedule a second trip to your site to form the walls with our aluminum forming system [this is usually scheduled to occur within 1 – 3 days]. Our computer system assists us by generating an inventory of items needed to form your project.
    Click picture below to view a sample document
Pre-Production Panel list from AUTO CAD
  • The placement of the aluminum forming systems is a labor intensive task and pending the placement of rebar, window buck, egress window frames, beam pockets, door opening, or other items it can take one or two work days to complete before ordering and pouring concrete.
  • We will schedule another trip to the site to remove/strip the form system. Once the form system is removed exterior drain tile and peastone must be place round the exterior of the footing. Dampproofing or waterproofing must applied to the below grade area of the foundation and inspected prior to backfill. 3D foundation rendering for reference.  Click picture for enlarged view.
3D CAD Sketch for Geo Layout
  • This is only an overview of the process. We would like to encourage you to contact us with your comments and questions as it relates to your next foundation project.