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Waterproofing options from Fenton Poured Walls

One of the decisions you need to make when building a home, is to decide on the type of barrier to have between the foundation walls and your soil. There are many factors in making this decision… from grade, to soil types and most important, the use of the space!

Below are three options we currently offer for creating a barrier between your foundation and the soil:

Dampproofing Fenton Poured Walls. Dampproofing provides a barrier with no warranty

Watchdog Waterproofing by Tremco

Rub-R-Wall of Michigan, Inc.

After selecting a quality waterproofing product, you can now help to insure a dry basement for years to come with the application of DELTA®-MS. This product is made of a special high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin by Cosella-Dörken Products. The barrier is valuable in protecting the waterproofing material from damage during the backfill process and provides an engineered gap between the backfill materials and foundation. This allows water to flow quickly to the drain tile and help eliminate hydrostatic pressure on the foundation wall surface. Please visit their site for additional details; click here to go Cosella-Dorken Products

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